Content of the Volume

Volume 22 (2015)


Edward, T.R. From the Myth of the Given to Radical Conceptual Diversity [Abstract] [PDF] 3-8
Frederick, D. The Contrast between Dogmatic and Critical Arguments [Abstract] [PDF] 9-20
Zięba, P. The Un(Holy) Grail of Epistemology [Abstract] [PDF] 21-33
Rozmarynowska, K. The Ethical Dimension of Practical Wisdom [Abstract] [PDF] 34-52
Moldovan, A. Singular Thought without Significance [Abstract] [PDF] 53-70
Halas, J. Abstraction and Idealization as Methods of Social Sciences and Humanities [Abstract] [PDF] 71-89
Beran, O. Examples and Rules in Mastering a Skill [Abstract] [PDF] 90-108
Lee, J. Inference to the Best Explanation and Disjunctive Explanations [Abstract] [PDF] 143-162
Picazo, G. Four Quine’s Inconsistencies [Abstract] [PDF] 163-177
Forgione, L. Kant and the Problem of Self-Identification [Abstract] [PDF] 178-198
Kirkeby-Hinrup, A. How Choice Blindness Vindicates Wholeheartedness [Abstract] [PDF] 199-210
Glavaničová, D. On the Analysis of Deontic Modalities in Transparent Intensional Logic [Abstract] [PDF] 211-228
Heider, D. Suárez’s Theory of the Origin of the Species Sensibilis and Coginitive Act of the External Senses in the Context of Medieval and Renaissance Philosophy [Abstract] [PDF] 229-249
Bělohrad, R. Subjective Theories of Personal Identity and Practical Concerns [Abstract] [PDF] 282-301
Beni, M.D. Structural Realism without Metaphysics: Notes on Carnap’s Measured Pragmatic Structural Realism [Abstract] [PDF] 302-324
Boongaling, J.Ian K. Some (Philosophical) Problems for Consciousness as a Neural Capacity for Objectivity [Abstract] [PDF] 325-339
Edward, T.R. Did the Past Really Change in 2012? [Abstract] [PDF] 340-344
Jafarov, A. Searle on the Intentional Content of Visual Experiences [Abstract] [PDF] 345-357
Sedlár, I. The Semantics of Empirical Unverifiability [Abstract] [PDF] 358-377
Zachník, V. The Minimalistic Definition of Conventions: One Step beyond Millikan’s Approach [Abstract] [PDF] 378-394
Gahér, F. Logic versus Linguistics on Sentential Connectives [Abstract] [PDF] 395-424
Dardis, A. Modal Fictionalism and Modal Instrumentalism [Abstract] [PDF] 439-460
Zvolenszky, Z. An Argument for Authorial Creation [Abstract] [PDF] 461-487
Prelević, D. Modal Empiricism and Knowledge of De Re Possibilities: A Critique of Roca-Royes’ Account [Abstract] [PDF] 488-498
Malik, L. Why You Can’t Actually Imagine the Impossible (but Think that You Can) [Abstract] [PDF] 499-517
Tuboly, Á.Tamas Quine and Quantified Modal Logic: Against the Received View [Abstract] [PDF] 518-545


Kvasz, L. Instrumental Realism – Replies to Criticisms   [PDF] 109-131
Zeleňák, E. Response to Peter P. Icke   [PDF] 250-254
Msimang, P.Mfundo On Vít Gvoždiak’s “John Searle’s Theory of Sign”   [PDF] 255-261
Koťátko, P. Sense, Reference, Speech Acts, Norms and Other Issues. Replies to Organon F Papers (Part I)   [PDF] 546-576


Sedová, T. J. Peregrin, Jak jsme zkonstruovali svou vlastní mysl   [PDF] 132-134
Peregrin, J. G. Brennan – L. Eriksson – R.E. Goodin – N. Southwood, Explaining Norms   [PDF] 262-265
Glavaničová, D. Petr Kuchyňka – Jiří Raclavský: Pojmy a vědecké teorie   [PDF] 266-270
Rojka, Ľ. Stanislav Sousedík: Kosmologický důkaz Boží existence v živote a myšlení   [PDF] 271-274
Peregrin, J. M. Risjord, Philosophy of Social Science: A Contemporary Introduction   [PDF] 425-428
Klimová, I. B. Dainton – H. Robinson (eds.), The Bloomsbury Companion to Analytic Philosophy   [PDF] 428-432
Glavaničová, D. John Etchemendy: O pojmu logického vyplývání   [PDF] 577-581


Glavaničová, D. A Commemorative Seminar in Honour of Pavel Tichý   [PDF] 135-137
Vacek, M. Modal Metaphysics: Issues on the (Im)Possible II   [PDF] 137-139
Vacek, M. PhiLang 2015 – The Fourth International Conference on Philosophy of Language and Linguistics   [PDF] 433-434

Call for Papers

Modal Metaphysics: Issues on the (Im)Possible III   [PDF] 140


Zamarovský, P. Petr Vopěnka’s Copernican Turn or Mathematics between Religion and Empiricism   [PDF] 275-280


Vacek, M. Modal Metaphysics: Issues on the (Im)Possible II   [PDF] 436-438