Content of the Volume

Volume 21 (2014)


Park, S. A Pessimistic Induction against Scientific Antirealism [Abstract] [PDF] 3-21
Koreň, L. Quantificational Accounts of Logical Consequence I: From Aristotle to Bolzano [Abstract] [PDF] 22-44
Sousedík, P. - Svoboda, D. Is Number a Property of External Things? Mill – Frege – Kessler [Abstract] [PDF] 45-62
Šíp, R. Experience in Dewey’s Experimental Metaphysics: A Radical Surpassing of the Subject-Object Epistemology [Abstract] [PDF] 63-81
Ivan, M. On Rules [Abstract] [PDF] 82-100
Fajmon, B. (M)any Questions? A Comparison of the Use of Questions in Wittgenstein’s first 37 paragraphs of Philosophical Investigations with Austin’s essay “The Meaning of a Word” [Abstract] [PDF] 101-120
Koreň, L. Underdetermination, Scepticism and Realism [Abstract] [PDF] 145-167
Hrkút, J. Aspectualism and the Problem of Realism in Analytic Philosophy of Art [Abstract] [PDF] 168-179
Labuda, P. Instrumental Realism, Ontology of Distinctions and a Problem of an Ontological Status of Instruments [Abstract] [PDF] 180-197
Duží, M. Communication in a Multi-Cultural World [Abstract] [PDF] 198-218
Raclavský, J. Constructional vs. Denotational Conception of Aboutness [Abstract] [PDF] 219-236
Koťátko, P. Representations and Relations [Abstract] [PDF] 282-302
Koreň, L. Quantificational Accounts of Logical Consequence II: In the Footsteps of Bolzano [Abstract] [PDF] 303-326
Ocelák, R. Expressive Completeness in Brandom’s Making It Explicit [Abstract] [PDF] 327-337
Botting, D. The Exploding ‘Ought’ [Abstract] [PDF] 338-362
Glombíček, P. The Intention of Wittgenstein’s Tractatus (1): Forward and Motto [Abstract] [PDF] 363-380
Peregrin, J. Implicit Rules [Abstract] [PDF] 381-398
Lightfield, C. Ficta as Contingently Nonconcrete [Abstract] [PDF] 431-457
Simionato, M. Everything for Nothing [Abstract] [PDF] 458-470
Raclavský, J. Tichý’s Possible Worlds [Abstract] [PDF] 471-491
Koreň, L. Quantificational Accounts of Logical Consequence III. The Model-Theoretic Account: Quantificational Approach Triumphant? [Abstract] [PDF] 492-515
Glombíček, P. The Intention of Wittgenstein’s Tractatus (2): Correspondence [Abstract] [PDF] 516-530


Marvan, T. P. S. Churchland, Touching a Nerve. The Self as Brain   [PDF] 121-125
Sedlár, I. J. Dejnožka, The Concept of Relevance and the Logic Diagram Tradition   [PDF] 126-130
Molnárová, Z. E. De Pellegrin, Interactive Wittgenstein: Essays in Memory of Georg Henrik von Wright   [PDF] 131-134
Zeleňák, E. P.P. Icke, Frank Ankersmit’s Lost Historical Cause: A Journey from Language to Experience   [PDF] 261-268
Vacek, M. T. Williamson, Modal Logic as Metaphysics   [PDF] 268-272
Peregrin, J. H. Price, Expressivism, Pragmatism and Representationalism   [PDF] 272-279
Bielik, L. M. Picha – D. Pichová, 100 myšlenkových experimentů ve filozofii [in ßlovak]   [PDF] 409-413
Bělohrad, R. D. Shoemaker, Personal Identity and Ethics: A Brief Introduction [in English]   [PDF] 413-420
Vacek, M. T. Yagisawa, Worlds & Individuals: Possible or Otherwise   [PDF] 534-537
Gáliková, S. V. Havlík, T. Hříbek, J. Hvorecký, J. Nosek, Z. Parusniková, Z evolučního hlediska: pojem evoluce v současné filosofii   [PDF] 538-543
Glavaničová, D. V. Svoboda, Logika pro Pány, Otroky a Kibice: Filosofický průvodce světem deontické logiky   [PDF] 543-549
Mikušiak, M. A. Jedličková (ed.), O popisu   [PDF] 549-557


Gluchmanová, M. Philosophy as Inquiry and Way of Life XXIII World Congress in Philosophy   [PDF] 135-138
Vacek, M. Modal Metaphysics: Issues on the (Im)Possible Conference   [PDF] 138-139
Duží, M. - Jespersen, B. In Memory of Pavel Tichý   [PDF] 558-566
Labuda, P. Editorial   [PDF] 143-144
Vacek, M. Editorial: Modal Metaphysics: Issues on the (Im)possible I   [PDF] 423-430


Bánovský, J. Some Notes on Instrumental Realism   [PDF] 237-247
Zeleňák, E. On Goodman’s New Riddle of Induction Again   [PDF] 248-260
Nuhlíček, M. Externalism, Skepticism and Justification: Replies to M. Picha and M. Taliga   [PDF] 399-408
Icke, P.P. Author’s Response to Eugen Zeleňák’s Review of Frank Ankersmit’s Lost Historical Cause   [PDF] 531-533