Content of the Volume

Volume 20 (2013)

Editorial   [PDF] 3
Editorial   [PDF] 4
Fink, J. Editorial   [PDF] 422-424


Park, S. Against the Besire Theory of Moral Judgment [Abstract] [PDF] 5-17
Yang, S. Emotion, Experiential Memory and Selfhood [Abstract] [PDF] 18-36
Nuhlíček, M. Why Do the Externalist Criteria of Justification Essentialy Fail? [Abstract] [PDF] 37-49
Vraný, M. An Empirical Challenge to the Philosophical Conception of Mind [Abstract] [PDF] 50-71
Koťátko, P. Fiction, Reality and Radical Narration [Abstract] [PDF] 72-96
Baumann, P. Are Quantifier Phrases Always Quantificational? The Case of ‘Every F’ [Abstract] [PDF] 143-172
Yi, H. Delayed Fission and the Standard Psychological View of Personal Identity [Abstract] [PDF] 173-191
Dragoun, I. Is McDowell’s Virtuous Person Omniscient or Schizophrenic? [Abstract] [PDF] 192-200
Sousedík, P. - Svoboda, D. Mill’s Conception of Number [Abstract] [PDF] 201-221
Došek, T. “Anything that can be reached with a ladder does not interest me.” The Analysis and Criticism of the Resolute Reading of Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus [Abstract] [PDF] 222-250
Vacek, M. Impossibilists’ Paradise on the Cheap? [Abstract] [PDF] 283-301
Hanzel, I. Data, Phenomena and Mechanisms: The Logic of Construction of Bohr’s1 1913 Theory of the Hydrogen Atom [Abstract] [PDF] 302-322
Hatipoğlu, S.Elkatip Consciousness and Peripheral Self-Awareness [Abstract] [PDF] 323-340
Hoffmann, G. Infallibility about the Self [Abstract] [PDF] 341-354
Kosterec, M. Ellipsis [Abstract] [PDF] 355-376
Blum, A. On Changing the Past [Abstract] [PDF] 377-378
Broome, J. Enkrasia [Abstract] [PDF] 425-436
Reisner, A. Is the Enkratic Principle a Requirement of Rationality? [Abstract] [PDF] 437-463
Gjelsvik, O. Understanding Enkratic Reasoning [Abstract] [PDF] 464-483
Wedgwood, R. Akrasia and Uncertainty [Abstract] [PDF] 484-506
Botting, D. The Distinctive Rationality of Intentions [Abstract] [PDF] 507-526
Audi, R. The Practical Authority of Normative Beliefs: Toward an Integrated Theory of Practical Rationality [Abstract] [PDF] 527-545
Brunero, J. Rational Akrasia [Abstract] [PDF] 546-566
del Corral, M. Against Normative Judgement Internalism [Abstract] [PDF] 567-587
Way, J. Intentions, Akrasia, and Mere Permissibility [Abstract] [PDF] 588-611
Piller, C. The Bootstrapping Objection [Abstract] [PDF] 612-631


Sousedík, S. To Conclude the Reflections on Intentional Entities   [PDF] 97-105
Mikušiak, M. On the Logical Analysis of the Linguistic Notion of Synonymy   [PDF] 106-114
Bielik, L. On the Presentation of the Raven Paradox and the New Riddle of Induction. A Reply to Eugen Zeleňák   [PDF] 251-261
Picha, M. Externalism and Skeptical Challenge   [PDF] 379-383
Taliga, M. Truth or Justification? A Reply to M. Nuhlíček   [PDF] 384-398
Duží, M. Ellipsis and Anaphora   [PDF] 399-412

Book Reviews

Halas, J. M. Picha, Kdyby chyby. Epistemologie myšlenkových experimentů   [PDF] 115-121
Kosterec, M. B. Geistová Čakovská, Vzťahy synonymie. Logická sémantika verzus lingvistické teórie o synonymi   [PDF] 121-125
Zamarovský, P. S. Hawking – L. Mlodinow, The Grand Design   [PDF] 125-128
Országh, L. P. Kosso, A Summary of Scientific Method   [PDF] 413-417


Gahér, F. 50th Anniversary of the Department of Logic and Methodology of Sciences, Faculty of Philosophy, Comenius University in Bratislava   [PDF] 129-131
Vacek, M. 25 Years In Contradiction   [PDF] 131-133
Vohánka, V. The Analytical Theology Project   [PDF] 133-138
Vacek, M. The Israel Philosophy Association 16th Annual Conference   [PDF] 277-279
Vacek, M. PhiLang 2013, Third International Conference on Philosophy of Language and Linguistics   [PDF] 418-420


Raclavský, J. H. Field, Saving Truth from Paradox   [PDF] 262-265
Vacek, M. L. Novák, D. D. Novotný, P. Sousedík, D. Svoboda (eds.), Metaphysics: Aristotelian, Scholastic, Analytic   [PDF] 266-270
Mikušiak, M. V. Kolman, Idea, číslo, pravidlo   [PDF] 270-276