Content of the Volume

Volume 19 (2012)


Aytekin, T. - Sayan, E. Fodor on Causes of Mentalese Symbols [Abstract] [PDF] 3-15
Gahér, F. A Revision of the Notions of Sufficient Condition and Necessary Condition [Abstract] [PDF] 16-37
Žilinek, J. Notes on the Classical Aesthetics of Perception and Taste [Abstract] [PDF] 38-54
Blum, A. Foreknowledge and Free Will [Abstract] [PDF] 55-57
Svoboda, V. Rules, Norms, and Analytical Philosophical Discourse [Abstract] [PDF] 143-179
Sousedík, P. Are Necessary Judgements A Priori? [Abstract] [PDF] 180-200
Hanzel, I. Sue Savage-Rumbaugh’s Research into Ape Language – Science and Methodology [Abstract] [PDF] 201-226
Materna, P. Function - Procedure - Construction [Abstract] [PDF] 283-305
Gahér, F. Only [Abstract] [PDF] 306-324
Bielik, L. How to Assess Theories of Meaning? Some Notes on the Methodology of Semantics [Abstract] [PDF] 325-337
Halas, J. Ryle and Marx on Absurdities [Abstract] [PDF] 338-360
Marko, V. Some Sketchy Notes on the Reaper Argument [Abstract] [PDF] 361-387
Kosterec, M. Theory of Quantification and Binary Predicates [Abstract] [PDF] 388-402
Beran, O. ‘Basic Color Categories’ in the Language-Game Perspective [Abstract] [PDF] 423-443
Dragoun, I. In Defence of a Type-Token View. Response to Morris [Abstract] [PDF] 444-458
Marambio, J.T.A. Instantiation as Partial Identity [Abstract] [PDF] 459-487
Raclavský, J. Foundations of the Explication of Semantic Notions [Abstract] [PDF] 488-505


Jespersen, B. The non-Italian pope   [PDF] 58-65
Peregrin, J. Disputes over Realism, Hegel, and Language(s) of Mathematics   [PDF] 66-83
Sousedík, S. Platonic and Aristotelian Conception of Intentional Beings   [PDF] 84-95
Cmorej, P. On the Existence of Prof. Sousedík’s Intentional Beings   [PDF] 96-109
Gáliková, S. Plea for thinking matter   [PDF] 110-113
Raclavský, J. The Contingency of Existence of Intentional Entities   [PDF] 227-237
Sousedík, S. On What Is Said in Particular Sentences   [PDF] 238-247
Cmorej, P. Remarks on Sousedík's Notes Concerning the Meaning of One Sentence   [PDF] 248-259
Sousedík, S. On the Existence and Nature of Intentional Individuals   [PDF] 403-409
Cmorej, P. On the Existence and Mental Character of Intentional Individuals and on Predication of Their Properties   [PDF] 506-522
Zeleňák, E. On the Raven Paradox, on the New Riddle of Induction and on Their Presentation   [PDF] 523-542


Peregrin, J. Tyler Burge, Origins of Objectivity   [PDF] 114-122
Halas, J. Igor Hanzel, Studies in the Methodology of Natural and Social Sciences   [PDF] 122-129
Sedová, T. Jaroslav Peregrin, Člověk a pravidla. Kde se berou rozum, jazyk a svoboda   [PDF] 129-132
Peregrin, J. S. Bowles – H. Gintis, A Cooperative Species (Human Reciprocity and its Evolution)   [PDF] 260-266
Raclavský, J. D. Patterson (ed .), New Essays on Tarski and Philosophy   [PDF] 266-270
Bielik, L. M. Zouhar, Problémy jazyka a počiatky analytickej filozofie   [PDF] 270-276
Volek, P. W. Jaworski, Philosophy of Mind. A Comprehensive Introduction   [PDF] 410-415
Raclavský, J. L. Horsten, The Tarskian Turn. Deflationism and Axiomatic Truth   [PDF] 415-420
Peregrin, J. C. Gauker, Words and Images: An Essay on the Origin of Ideas   [PDF] 543-547
Mácha, J. M. Zouhar, Význam v kontexte   [PDF] 548-557


Sedová, T. Reflections and Subjective Notes on the Seventh Congress of Analytic Philosophy   [PDF] 133-135