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Prolegomena k formálnej epistemológii

Organon F, 1999, roč. 6, č. 3, s. 223-239.
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The aim of this paper is a philosophical generalisation of the results, which we obtained through the analysis of the development of synthetic geometry. I our papers Náčrt analytickej teórie subjektu (An Outline of the Analytical theory of the Subject, Kvasz 1996a) and Topológia versus teória množín (Topology versus Set Theory, Kvasz 1997) we proposed a method of analysis of the development of geometry based on Wittgensteinś Picture theory of meaning from the Tractatus. It turned out, that the concept of the form of language can be effectively used to characterise the changes, which occured in the course of development of geometry. In the present paper we would like to generalize our approach and outline a universal approach to epistemology, which we call formal epistemology.

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