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„Kauza Afthonios“: Ilustrácia k otázke správneho riešenia antických paradoxov

Organon F, 2014, vol. 21, Supplementary Issue 1, pp. 88-103.
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The article deals with the question of correct reconstruction of and solutions to the ancient paradoxes. Analyzing one contemporary example of a reconstruction of the so-called Crocodile Paradox, taken from Sorensen’s A Brief History of Paradox, the author shows how the original pattern of paradox could have been incorrectly transformed in its meaning by overlooking its adequate historical background. Sorensen’s quoting of Aphthonius, as the author of a certain solution to the paradox, seems to be a systematic failure since the time of Politiano’s erroneous attributing it to Aphthonius. In the conclusion, the author claims that neglecting the historical background of the ancient paradoxes into account, we are neither able to evaluate their modern interpretations as adequate nor their solutions as successful.

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Aphthonius, Crocodile argument, logical reconstruction of ancient arguments, paradox, Stoics

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