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Naturalism versus Interpretativism in Social Sciences

(Original title: Naturalizmus versus interpretativizmus ve společenských vědách)
Organon F, 2010, vol. 17, No 3, pp. 303-321.
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When Tooby and Cosmides published their famous article “Psychological foundation of culture”, most readers could read it as just another paper addressing evolutionary psychology. Its aspirations were, however, much far-reaching. Tooby and Cosmides attacked the so-called constructivists. In this way, the paper ushered in another turn in the controversy over the method of social sciences. In my paper I claim that Tooby and Cosmides are right when they criticize constructivists and relativists. On the other hand, I claim that they do not live up to their aspirations, i.e. they do not provide for a rapprochement of the standards of social sciences and those of natural sciences.

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