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Some Comments on Semiotics of Graphic Communication

(Original title: Poznámky k semiotice grafické komunikace)
Organon F, 1994, vol. 1, No 3, pp. 175-191.
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Author initiated studies and teaching in semiotics and logical semantics in the fifties. Special conditions (connected with the political reasons) led him to work in the sphere of informatics, conputer-aided design and computer graphics. This situation led him to the problems and interpretations of graphic or pictorial communication, graphic, shapes or graphic languages. The graphic communication, especially in the sphere of engineering and design activities, has a special form of a text. The interpretation of this text is started from the master item or master datum and is followed by the interpretation of some detailed data. For the semiotic analysis of such a procedure the application of some informational methods is presented: the application of the concept "informational synonymity" and the use of time factor including the comparison of the interpretation concerning the picture, shape and the traditional data set. This comparison is hased on the transmitted information concepts connected with the time factor.

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