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Frege on Truth and Judgement

(Original title: Frege on Truth and Judgement)
Organon F, 2001, vol. 8, No 1, pp. 1-13.
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In Ón sense and reference\' Frege by way of example states the redundancy theory of truth: the thought expressed by \'5 is a prime number\' is the same as that expressed by \'The thought, that 5 is a prime number, is true\'. In the very same paragraph, Frege also states the weaker thesis that by saying of a thought that it is true, one just produces a thought. One doesn\'t manage to advance from a thought to a truth value. Therefore, one doesn\'t make a *judgment*, since judging that 5 is a prime number consists in advancing from the thought to a truth value. Frege uses this observation to argue that truth cannot be a *property* of thoughts. In this paper two tasks are attempted. First, reconstructing Fregeś reasoning as a regress argument, and secondly, evaluating this argument.

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