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The Relation between Unphysical Lecta and Physical Processes in Stoic Philosophy

(Original title: Vzťah netelesných lekta k telesným procesom u stoikov)
Organon F, 2001, vol. 8, No 4, pp. 388-408.
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The paper aims in spite of regretful lack of source material to reconstruct probable stoic conception of relation between unphysical lecta, which represent in stoic ontology a kind of ideal platonic realm of unphysical meanings, and physical processes happening in cosmos. The author believes, that stoics have elaborated an ancient variant of psychophysical parallelism, whose function he carefully examines on the reletions between three fields of reality: physical processes in cosmos, physical mental processes in the soul of cognitive subject and the field of unphysical meanings, i. e. stoic lecta. The author aims to argue, that the relation between physical processes and unphysical lecta is not a relation of physical causal interaction, but a relation of unphysical correspondence.

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