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T. S. Kuhn and the Theory of Scientific Revolution

(Original title: T. S. Kuhn a teória vedeckých revolúcií)
Organon F, 1997, vol. 4, No 4, pp. 337-358.
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In his paper the author focuses on the analysis of 1. Kuhn's self-reflection, his discovery of hermeneutics and its importance for the new way of reading (interpretation) and understanding the text, 2. Kuhn's comprehension of the relation between history and philosophy of science and of many different factors which influence upon forming and development of a modern history of science, 3. Working out of Kuhn's specific conceptional apparatus (paradigm, normal science, anomaly, crisis, scientific revolution, and so on), 4. Kuhn's cycle of scientific knowledge (his conception of scientific paradigms alternation) and 5. some methodological controversions concerning incomensurability of scientific paradigms, understandig of the normal science and Kuhn's antirealism.

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