Content of the Volume

Volume 16 (2009)

Hvorecký, J. Preface   [PDF] 3-4
Errata   [PDF] 422-423
Preface   [PDF] 426-427


Chew, A. Aristotle’s Functional Theory of the Emotions [Abstract] [PDF] 5-37
Rietti, S. Rationalities of Emotion – Defending, Distinguishing, Connecting [Abstract] [PDF] 38-61
Düringer, E.M. Do Emotions Represent Values by Registering Bodily Changes? [Abstract] [PDF] 62-81
Yang, S. Emotion, Intentionality and Appropriateness of Emotion [Abstract] [PDF] 82-104
Fitzgerald, C.ë Emotional Conflict and Social Context [Abstract] [PDF] 105-123
Baç, M. Memories of the Fourth Condition and Lessons to be Learned from a Suspicious Externalism [Abstract] [PDF] 127-145
Kvasz, L. Mathematics and Experience [Abstract] [PDF] 146-182
Hanzel, I. Carnap and Newton: Two Approaches to the Method of Theory Construction (Part I) [Abstract] [PDF] 183-213
Bělohrad, R. Metaphysical and Moral Assumptions of the Discussion about Interruption [Abstract] [PDF] 214-237
Zeleňák, E. Two Approaches to Event Ontology [Abstract] [PDF] 283-303
Hanzel, I. Carnap and Newton: Two Approaches to the Method of Theory Construction (Part II) [Abstract] [PDF] 304-316
Yang, S. Goldie’s Puzzling Two Feelings: ‘Bodily Feeling’ and ‘Feeling Toward’ [Abstract] [PDF] 317-327
Schmidt, M. Tractarian Objects in a Structural Setting [Abstract] [PDF] 328-343
Dolák, A. Language in Wittgenstein’s Tractatus [Abstract] [PDF] 344-362
Joseph, J. Does the Past Exist? [Abstract] [PDF] 363-380
Tondl, L. Structures of Decision-Making [Abstract] [PDF] 381-399
Strawson, G. Against ‘Corporism’: The Two Uses of ‘I’ [Abstract] [PDF] 428-448
Snowdon, P. ’Persons‘ and Persons [Abstract] [PDF] 449-476
Sen, M. Strawson on the Notion of the First Person [Abstract] [PDF] 477-492
Kuneš, J. Strawson and Kant on Being ‘I’ [Abstract] [PDF] 493-509
Thein, K. Artefacts, Non-Particulars and Mode Particulars [Abstract] [PDF] 510-528
Stjernberg, F. Strawson‘s Descriptive Metaphysics – Its Scope and Limits [Abstract] [PDF] 529-541
Dumitru, M. Ordinary Expressions Have No Exact and Systematic Logic [Abstract] [PDF] 542-551
Koťátko, P. Definite Descriptions Again: Singular Reference, Quantification and Truth-Evaluation [Abstract] [PDF] 552-568
Braker, S. Indefinite Descriptions as Referring Terms [Abstract] [PDF] 569-586
Duží, M. Strawsonian vs. Russellian Definite Descriptions [Abstract] [PDF] 587-614
Pettersson, A. P.F. Strawson and Stephen Davies on the Ontology of Art [Abstract] [PDF] 615-631
Hamilton, J.R. Pretense and Display Theories of Theatrical Performance [Abstract] [PDF] 632-654

Discussions - Polemics

Peregrin, J. Raclavský vs. “Notorious, Chameleonic Deceivers”   [PDF] 239-241
Dolák, A. Reply to Sousedík’s Critique of Frege’s Statement about Existence   [PDF] 242-246
Raclavský, J. Pure Individuator: Correction of the Definition   [PDF] 247-249
Cmorej, P. Individuals and Their Individuators   [PDF] 250-262
Raclavský, J. On Pure Individuators   [PDF] 400-405
Cmorej, P. Individuator – an Individual or a Property?   [PDF] 406-409


Sedová, T. S. Soames: Philosophical Analysis in the Twentieth Century   [PDF] 264-267
Katina, J. Z. Parusniková: Rozum – kritika – otevřenost. Živý odkaz filozofie K. R. Poppera   [PDF] 268-271
Bielik, L. E. Zeleňák: Moderné teórie vysvetlenia a príčinnosti   [PDF] 272-277
Nosek, J. A. C. Grayling, Truth, Meaning and Realism   [PDF] 410-414
Bielik, L. M. Zouhar, Základy logiky pre spoločenskovedné a humanitné odbory   [PDF] 414-422


Viceník, J. In the Memory of Vojtech Filkorn (8. 4. 1922 – 14. 4. 2009)   [PDF] 279-280