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The Existential Quantifier and the Problem of the Predication of Existence in Bolzano

(Original title: Existenční kvantifikátor a problém predikce existence u B. Bolzana)
Organon F, 2005, vol. 12, No 2, pp. 168-175.
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Instead of the existential quantifier Bernard Bolzano uses his notion of Gegenständlichkeit einer Vorstellung an sich (objectivity of a representation in itself). This approach makes it possible for him to solve the traditional problem of the predication of existence (i.e. whether it is possible to consider existence as a standard property of individuals) in accordance with an approach common today, namely to take existence to be primarily a property („occupation“) of a corresponding representation in itself, and not a characteristic of individuals. However, Bolzano considers a property of real existence to be attributable also to particular individuals, which is essentially different from the usual practice.

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