Guidelines for Authors

General instructions

Organon F publishes original articles, discussion notes and reviews written in English. Manuscripts should be submitted electronically as e-mail attachments, preferably in MS Word format. Articles must be supplemented with a short resume (of 100 to 250 words) and a list of key words in alphabetical order. A submitted paper will be usually sent to two referees. Therefore, manuscripts should be prepared for blind reviewing. Authors are asked to include their full name, academic affiliation and full address for correspondence, including e-mail address, in a detachable first page of their manuscript.


Notes should be inserted into the text using the “Footnote” function in Microsoft Word and numerated with Arabic numerals. Authors are asked not to use endnotes.


The list of references should be alphabetically ordered and placed at the end of the text. The styles exemplified by the following examples are obligatory.

  1. Book authored:
    Carnap, R. (1960): Meaning and Necessity. Chicago: The University of Chicago Press.
  2. Book edited:
    Harman, G. – Davidson, D. (eds.) (1972): Semantics of Natural Language. Dordrecht: D. Reidel.
  3. Book chapter:
    Kripke, S. (1972): Naming and Necessity. In: Harman, G. – Davidson, D. (eds.): Semantics of Natural Language. Dordrecht: D. Reidel, 253–355.
  4. Journal article:
    Tichý, P. (1986): Constructions. Philosophy of Science 53, 514–534.

In the event that the list of references involves two or more works by the same author published during the same year, the date of publication should be followed by a lower case letter (a, b, …).


Quoted passages of more than 40 words should be set off from the main text by intending the left hand margin and using a smaller font. Quotations should be specified using an author’s name followed by the date of publication (supplemented by a lower case letter, if necessary) and page number(s) in parentheses; examples: Carnap (1960); Carnap (1960, 21); Carnap (1960, 21–23); Carnap (1960a, 21).

Authors should be aware that contributions are not paid. Regarding the fact that the editors (Institute of Philosophy, Slovak Academy of Sciences, and Institute of Philosophy, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic) enable the author to publish his or her articles in Organon F, the author forgoes any financial compensation, according to law No. 234/2000.