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Zmysel a tvorba: hranice predstavivosti

Filozofia, 2017, roč. 72, č. 6, s. 440-450.
Jazyk: Slovak
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To what extent could the limits of imagination be of help in elucidating our relationship to the sense of our experience? Is it the imagination that produces the sense of our living, or does it have some another function that comes into play with the sense? To what extent the imaginable and the meaningful overlap and what are the consequences of this overlapping? If the sense of experience is produced by imagination, the unimaginable then has to be understood as a sheer experience of the absence of sense, as its momentary crisis or interruption. However, if the relationship between the sense and experience is of another sort, the investigation of the limits of imagination could unveil the nature of sense. We try to find the answers to these questions, which would be informed by the analyses of the aesthetic theories inspired by social philosophy and phenomenology.

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Aura, Imagination, Poetry, Reproduction, Sense, Singularity

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