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Význam klasických čínskych ontologických koncepcií v globálnom svetovom filozofickom kontexte

Filozofia, 2004, roč. 59, č. 2, s. 81-87.
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The purpose of this paper is to discover an important contribution of classical Chinese ontological conceptions for the future World philosophy and for the modern human Weltanschauung in the process of its globalization. Through a brief mosaic of a development of mutual Euro-Chinese acquaintances, from the Middle Age to the present, the paper tries to present that both Chinese and European philosophical complexes were quite indispensable parts of the history of world philosophy and in the future, maybe, they will be those leading factors which decide (in their serious confrontation) the basic determination of the roots of the global world metaphilosophy. At the same time the author in her long-standing scholarly research and published translations of Laozi’s Dao De jing, Confucius’ Lunyu, The Books of: Xunzi, Huang Lao, Huangdi si jing, etc., wants to demonstrate on the specific examples of original Chinese dialectical metaphysics their unique philosophical value for the future World philosophy and the transmodern global human Weltanschauung.

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