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Východ - Západ: základné tendencie svetovej filozofie

Filozofia, 2004, roč. 59, č. 2, s. 75-80.
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Today, unfortunately, we can not speak about the presence of one entire world philosophy. It is connected with the fact that the history of world philosophy is investigated from the position of eurocentrism, and what we consider as world philosophy actually is the West-European philosophy. In world philosophy, Eastern philosophy is represented only by three blocks: classical Chinese, Indian and Arabian philosophies. Even when we speak about Eastern philosophy, frequently it is examined as a marginal part of world philosophy which has not played a significant role in its development. Thus concerning the question of development of world philosophy as a whole, the above given facts and other historical items of information prove: there is an entire world philosophy and it is a synthesis of East and West. So it is necessary to substantiate new methodological principles in studying world philosophy.

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