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Viacaspektová typológia filozofickej terminológie

Filozofia, 2005, roč. 60, č. 1, s. 8-32.
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An outline of a multi-aspect typology of philosophical terminology tries to give a synthetic view on the nature of philosophical terminology, which could serve as a ground of terminological research. On the basis of three typologies – a typology based on paradigms; a typology based on the layers; a typology based on the linguistic source – the paper tries to unveil the fundamental qualities of philosophical terms and their specific character, which is rooted in the specific nature of the concepts named by it as well as in he complexity of their relationships. The multi-dimensionality of philosophical terminology is demonstrated on the examples taken from the German terminological resources. The objective is to show, that the specific features of the given national language reinforce the specific character of philosophical terms and find its reflection in using the pertinent linguistic potential and in actual creation of national philosophical terms.

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