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Úskalia eutélie. K práci L. Bitóa Kniha o dobrej smrti. Eutélia – eutanázia

Filozofia, 2008, roč. 63, č. 9, s. 798-803.
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The contribution deals with L. Bitó’s concept of euthelia, which was suggested by him as a counterpart to euthanasia. Euthelia, contrary to euthanasia, puts stress on good, meaningful end of life, free of death fear and anxiety. The originality of Bitó’s approach is in his trying to see the reflections on good death in the context of the reflections on good life. However, the author rejects to include optics of Bitó’s economical calculus concerning duties into these reflections. In her view the principles of human solidarity and human dignity make it impossible to prefer the concern for the offspring to the concern for the dying person. She argues that it is important to make the concept of the quality of life wide enough to encompass not only healthy and effective persons, but also those in terminal stages of their lives.

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