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Umenie ako filozofia?

Filozofia, 2004, roč. 59, č. 5, s. 334-342.
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The paper deals with the art of architecture in its philosophical dimension of expressing ideas, and with its ability to serve the whole realm of human and social needs, i.e. to help a person to find his/her orientation and identification in his/her existential situation. Starting with the relationship between a person and the world the paper outlines some fundamental existential processes that a person must assume in order to feel fulfilled in his/her life. It points to the affinity of person and space and then outlines some historical modes of the relationship between architecture and territory. In conclusion it discusses the dialectics of space and the philosophical aspect of architecture: the architecture must understand the existential situation, perceive thoughtfully the question emerging from that situation and respond responsibly to the question. It must solve the existential issues of human dwelling in the world.

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