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Topologie vnějšku a vnitřku v autorském herectví

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The article introduces the transformation of the topology of the interior and the exterior due to long-term theatre-reflexive experience of the so-called authorial acting. The analysis of Plato’s dialog Sophistes shows where the philosophical potential to think on conscious level and passionately at the same time is blocked. The interpretation of the concept of love, or love to wisdom, is outlined as well. A different, anti-metaphysical interpretation of „distance“ based on the phenomenological description of the authorial acting is suggested. This form of distance could be an inspiration for a philosophical attitude allowing cognition to be in a creative resonance with self-cognition. Thus the interior and the exterior are significantly reinterpreted.

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(Inter)acting with the inner partner, Authorial theater, Exteriority, Interiority, Phenomenology, Phenopraxis, Topology of experience