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Senova teória spravodlivosti

Filozofia, 2013, roč. 68, č. 4, s. 265-275.
Jazyk: Slovak
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Today the discussions about justice develop along two lines going back to Enlight- enment. The first one is contractarian while the second one is based on a comparative approach to justice, endorsing the establishment of a society with more justice achieved through getting away with the concrete injustices. The article sheds light on Sen’s argumentation as offered in his Idea of justice. The author suggests that regard- less of A. Sen’s innovative approach to justice his theory requires further articula- tion of questions such as: What is the relevant standard by which to measure the ex- tent of justice: capabilities, or functioning’s? Which capabilities are to be included when evaluating justice? Which distributive rule is to be applied here? What role does the individual responsibility play in evaluating justice?

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Capabilities, Human rights, Justice, Morals, Obligations

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