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Rorty a pragmatické pojetí problému veřejné versus soukromé

Filozofia, 2011, roč. 66, č. 10, s. 981-991.
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The paper focuses on the disproportion the author sees in Rorty’s work. While the author appreciates highly Rorty’s antirepresentationalism, he criticizes Rorty’s social and political philosophy, which, an his opinion, is rooted in early modern philosophy. The latter, he argues, emphasizes the dichotomy between subject and object – an approach characteristic for that period. In support of his claiming a big difference between full-fledge pragmatism and purely pragmatic eclecticism, the author compares Rorty’s and Dewey’s works to show that those of Dewey are considerably promising as for as the resolution of the problems of our society and politics.

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