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Reverzibilita a dogmatizmus ako filozofické štýly

Filozofia, 2009, roč. 64, č. 4, s. 351-355.
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The paper offers an analysis of reversibility, a stylistic strategy philosophers employ when solving theoretical dilemmas. Reversibility means oscillating of a philosopher between two contradictory truths or dogmas. First, the adherent of reversibility faces two contradictory truths or dogmas. What follows is a rejection or an acceptance of both poles. In contrast to the style of the authors using the principle of reversibility, the paper describes a specific stylistic strategy preferred by dogmatic philosophers, one marked by moderate modality and certainty of epistemological assertions. But one group of dogmatists also employ a specific kind of reversibility: the new, “original” and “controversial” theory is always postulated in direct opposition to the prevailing doctrine of the day. Regardless to the anti-dogmatic ethos of our times, the comparison of the two strategies shows, that the strategy of dogmatic authors is “more successful” than writing which avoids an unambiguous standpoint.

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