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Relevantnosť pragmatizmu pre bioetiku

Filozofia, 2007, roč. 62, č. 3, s. 235-244.
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The paper explores philosophical prerequisites for a special bioethical conception and an approach based on pragmatism. It argues that the characteristic features of classical pragmatism, such as naturalism, experimentalism, Dewey’s logic as a method of inquiry and solving life problems, humanism, resolution of individual/community dua- lism as well as the main features of pragmatist ethics (anti-dogmatism, antiauthoritarianism), and even some others (fallibilism, creative social intelligence and cooperation) all may well serve as highly relevant points of departure and tools for dismantling complex bioethical issues. In conclusion it gives a brief outline of how pragmatist bioethics, being still in its statu nascendi, takes into account some of the contemporary topical problems.

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