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Proč mluvit o mostě?

Filozofia, 2013, roč. 68, č. 5, s. 419-425.
Jazyk: Czech
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The article deals with some aspects of Heidegger’s essay Building Dwelling Thinking in a new and more performative way. It explores the meaning of two common things from the author’s own lifeworld/Lebenswelt (a small ball he uses in psychotherapy and his stethoscope he uses as a medical doctor). Both things create living relationships between human beings, things and their environment. Things constructed by humans (such as bridges, balls and stethoscopes) take an active part in a never ending performance of being. The power of such things to create new and intense behavioural, perceptual and aesthetic experience was (among other themes) approached within the performance Aspects of Text which took place on October 29, 2012 in the theatre “Na zábradlí“ in Prague and focused on the above mentioned text of M. Heidegger.

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Building Dwelling Thinking, Lebenswelt, Performative philosophy

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