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Problém anamnésis a dialóg Menón

Filozofia, 2008, roč. 63, č. 1, s. 28-38.
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The main goal of the paper is to rethink several aspects of the so-called Plato’s Theory of Recollection and to contribute to the discussion of the differences between the historical Socrates and Socrates in Plato. The author’s argumentation draws upon his own interpretation of Plato’s Meno. As far as the recollection is concerned his conclusion is that we should distinguish between: a) the recollection as a myth, playing an „anti-misologic“ and „protreptic“ roles in the dialogue, which should help us not to give up further researches; b) the recollection itself, which occupies the place between maieutic art of Socratic midwifery and Plato’s dialectic and which should help us to approach our experience critically, to find the solutions of particular problems, and to set off as true those solutions, which, being the subject of enquiry, proved to be sufficiently coherent.

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