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Prekoná Európa paradox vlastnej epochy?

Filozofia, 2001, roč. 56, č. 8, s. 526-537.
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The paper focuses on two questions: Can the spirit of an epoch be expressed in an appropriate form? and What is the purpose of such an expression? The main thesis of the paper is: A true expression of the spirit of the epoche makes ist posiilble to overcome its own paradox. Carl Schmitt was able to express the spirit of the epoch in a "perfect form". His parameters widen and deepen the view of the European political reality and unveil the Europe's dream - the establishment of an empire. To establish an empire means to inaugurate myth and order - the former in poetical sense and the latter in the sense of a large room. The new room is not to be looked for in space or on another planets, not even in another continents. We have to discover the new dimension of Europe and to make use of it. This implies the mobilization of all European nations as well as an engaged searching for its identity seen as the seizure of everything external. "More politics, less trade" - such would be Schnitt's respond to international forms of modern imperialism.

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