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Predstava ľudskej prirodzenosti v theognidei

Filozofia, 2013, roč. 68, č. 4, s. 276-284.
Jazyk: Slovak
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The article tries to sketch the notion of human nature in Theognidea. First, it shortly discusses the word φύσις in pre-classical literature, and then it turns to Theognidea to localize and interpret all occurrences of the verb φύω and the relevant occurrences of γίγνομαι. The author’s focus is on the “eugenic” and “didactic” tendencies of the Theognidea as well as on the main character of Theognidea – the young Cyrnus to compare him with the character of the poet as a spokesman playing the role of moral authority and Cyrnus’ mentor. Finally, the author tries to determine which of the no- tions of the human nature – “eugenic” or “didactic” – is crucial to Theognidea, and how the tension between them makes this question fruitful.

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