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Potencialita a dobrý život

Filozofia, 2007, roč. 62, č. 7, s. 601-610.
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The paper gives an analysis of the experience of potentiality in the temporal and spatial perspectives of human life. It also examines the interconnections of these perspectives. Both of them are substantial for philosophical counseling, which, according to the author, could be of help in balancing the two in people with related problems. Attention is paid also to potentiality in its relation to the idea of good life end the meaning of the latter for human life. The experience of freedom is closely connected with the experience of potentiality up to the last moments of life. This experience is related not only to he presence and future, but it also could (and in some cases even has to) look into the past. The description of some forms of achieved pseudo-freedom serves the further objective of the paper: the discrimination of the problems, which could be addressed by philosophical counseling.

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