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Paul Ricoeur: Problém interpretácie a porozumenia

Filozofia, 2005, roč. 60, č. 3, s. 192-197.
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The aim of the paper is the analysis of the hermeneutical project and its task as suggested by Paul Ricoeur. First, it deals with the changes of the concept of understanding and interpretation after the hermeneutical turn, which was started in Heidegger’s Being and Time. This change shifted this problem from the episte- _mological field to the fundamental ontology. According to Paul Ricoeur, this turn caused that the gap between epistemology and ontology deepened. This should be overcome by Ricoeur’s solution. Ricoeur starts his investigation with the analysis of language, which allows him to communicate with the structural analysis. Ricoeur tries to show, how the concept of understanding can be connected with scientific method. Paradoxically, this leads to the restoration of the subject-object scheme.

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