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O dotýkaní, ktoré neuchopuje

Filozofia, 2007, roč. 62, č. 5, s. 451-456.
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If in the visual mode we speak about sparkling, in the experience of a touching we should speak about stroking. These forms of experience refer to a slight trembling, that disappears without clenching our fists. A decision not to possess, not to keep in the hands, not to use one’s own power is a reflection of a subtle aesthetics of a tacit respect to things. We move in the midst of the things, which are not influenced by our power, rather, they create a community with us. If we come closer to these things, we reach their deep and unknown surface. Yet the passing haptic sensation is really impressive. We are left with a feeling that for a moment, that is the Being itself, that we have in our hands. In this mood I am moving in Renaud Barbaras’s intellectual world, groping for his ideas.

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