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Nominačné tendencie v terminológii Martina Heideggera

Filozofia, 2009, roč. 64, č. 3, s. 207-218.
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The terminological apparatus of M. Heidegger, reflecting a distinctive style of conceptual thinking, seems to be a complex, structurally ordered system: a fixed and a condensed idea of human existence. Lots of individual existentials, different in their meanings, forms and terminological values point to the creative and systematic efforts of the philosopher to find an appropriate name for each of the components of the analyzed significant structures of human being. The empirical study of Heidegger’s terminology focuses on the most important naming strategies in creating terms and words with distinctive lexical structures, as well as on their functions. The aim of the paper is to unveil the mystery of the language structures of Heidegger’s neologisms and to offer a key to decoding their meanings, making them more easily translatable.

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