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Násilie a racionalita v kontexte ekologickej krízy

Filozofia, 2007, roč. 62, č. 4, s. 317-323.
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The paper points out to the paradoxical character of our contemporary life: while the comfort of our life is still growing, the conditions of life in general are getting still worse. In the author’s view the ecological crisis we are facing now has two possible outcomes: the humankind will have to undergo a fundamental transformation, or there will be no change at all: the humankind will perish from this Planet. The first of the two means a transformation of persisting anti-nature, so called „pre-ecological“ culture, which should become a pro-nature and pro-life (biophil) one, i.e. a culture of life. Therefore we have to re-estimate and transform our values, as well as our social beha- vior, so that they they correspond the nature of humans as one of the biological species.

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