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Môže sa stať „nájomná zmluva so zemou“ problémom filozofickým?

Filozofia, 2007, roč. 62, č. 3, s. 262-268.
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The paper gives a detailed description of the discussion (which now enters the third year of its duration) in Czech philosophical journal Philosophical Journal on the necessity of fundamentally changing our environmental attitudes. The author’s expectation is to launch a similar discussion in Slovakia. According to the author the question, if the survival of humankind on this planet is endangered by human culture as such, or only by some anti-natural historical tendencies in the development of humans, can be answered not only by scientific disciplines, but also by philosophy. This inclu- des also the question, if the humans are able to change their life-style and to contribute by their pro-natural culture to the regeneration of nature to create a symbiotic relationship between them two, and to the renewal of sustainable life on the Earth. From this point of view a similar discussion might be of a great importance also in Slovakia.

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