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Metafyzika dejín - nový smer Kantovho kriticizmu

Filozofia, 2000, roč. 55, č. 3, s. 229-241.
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The paper examnies Kant's philosophy of history as an organic part of his philosophical heritage. One of Kant's "small writing" Idea of an Universal History from a Cosmopolitan Point of View is seen as the essential work of his filosophy of history, which discloses Kant's scientific and theoretical attitude, aiming at the constitution od the basic model of his conception of the philosophy od history. The argument is designed to show, that Kant's philosopy of history is not a static conception and that we can dicsern a sort of internal dynamics inside it, related to his consi_derations of the present condition of humankind and resulting in the formulating of apriori prnciples of freedom, equality and autonomy as the foundations of Kant's legal state.

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