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Manipulácia ako moc, manipulácia a sloboda

Filozofia, 2018, roč. 73, č. 9, s. 742-754.
Jazyk: Slovak
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Manipulation as a specific form of power is characterized by a close connection with freedom. This makes it a very complicated and at the same time unusually interesting concept (especially in the current context). In the first part, the author aims to clarify the correlation of manipulation with its related categories such as coercion, compulsion, violence, etc., pointing out the complexities of relations between them, when they differ in principle or resemble each other or even overlap. Even more complicated are the relationships between manipulation and freedom. On the one hand, manipulation seemingly a priori denies freedom, and on the other hand it presupposes its presence, which is succinctly expressed by the term "voluntary slavery."

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Coercion, Freedom, Manipulation, Power, Violence

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