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Koncepcia súčasnej realistickej metafyziky

Filozofia, 2001, roč. 56, č. 4, s. 226-240.
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The contemporary conception of metaphysics is represented by Lublin philosophical school with its leading representative Mieczyslav A. Krapiec. Metaphysics as the most universal autonomous science has its specific object: the reality, i. e. the real things. The first task of the methaphysics is the determination of its object. Its method should not be derived neither from any philosophical school, nor from any theory of knowledge. It rather should arise from the nature of its own object - from the reality itself. The realism and the scientific character of metaphysical know_ledge is based rather on the explanation of the reality in the perspective of its existence than on the explanation of our ideal constructions of knowledge. It is a complex methodological process (embodying abstraction, induction, intuition, existential and attributive judgements), which must meet the standards of scientific neutrality and its controlable proceedings. This process does not result in any abstract, essenital, unambiguous concept of being, but rather in an analogical - transcendental concept of being verified by all analogically existing plurality of particular beings. The proportion of existence to essence varies in every being, but is at the same time analogical in all of them. The method of separation is not subject to any systematic changes - it is corrected by the relaity itself, to which it is directed.

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