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Komunita ako autentický domov človeka?

Filozofia, 2007, roč. 62, č. 1, s. 44-53.
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The paper confronts two phenomena – home and community – which are of special interest not only for philosophers, but also for sociologists, psychologists, political, social scien- tists, etc. In what sense is it possible that for an individual community be the most proper and essential space of co-being with others, deserving thus the name of authentic „home“ or, for that matter, a „social home“? To answer this question, the author explores various meanings of community and its metamorphoses in modernity up to our days. The common features of both, home and community, may be defined as security, protection (shelter), hand closeness of relationships, rootedness, support, commitment, etc. On the other there are some problematic features, at least from the standpoint of liberal individuality, such as collectiveness, unity, discipline or even the power of illiberal community over individual Despite all controveries, community in new visions (communicative, participative) re- mains the idea to be discussed and searched for.

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