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Kierkegaardovo odmietnutie mystiky majstra Eckharta

Filozofia, 2008, roč. 63, č. 2, s. 161-168.
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Kierkegaard’s reception of the Catholic theology and spirituality embodies also his reception of the writings of the medieval mystics, in particular those by Dominicans of the high middle ages. Among the writers who were prone to mysticism and who were not unknown to the Danish philosopher Master Eckhart, occupies a distinctive place. His literary portraits of that time differ considerably from those elaborated either by his disciples J. Tauler, Heinrich Sus, or included in an anonymous mystical work Theologia Deutsch. Eckhart’s intellectual legacy has been made popular by the Hegelians and by Protestant speculative theologians. This probably led Kierkegard to excluding Master Eckhart from the whole of medieval mysticism, which he otherwise accepted positively.

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