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Kierkegaard, škandalóznosť viery

Filozofia, 2014, roč. 69, č. 5, s. 416-422.
Jazyk: Slovak
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What is the leap of faith? Is it a “suspension of the ethical”, suspension of the other in a moment of self-transformation of the knight of faith, or is it a monstrous paradox, the inherent ambiguity of existence and impossibility of ethics? – Revealed not just in the problem of “the other of the Other”, but also in the monstrous (feminine Christ's) body for others. Our last question is, how does this aversion influence not only faith as such, but also the possible subversion of “given” norms and values.

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Despair, Kierkegaard, Leap of faith, Levinas, Monstrous body for others, Scandalous faith, The other of the Other

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