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Kierkegaard a psychoanalýza

Filozofia, 2014, roč. 69, č. 5, s. 399-408.
Jazyk: Slovak
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To put Kierkegaard and psychoanalysis together in a title seems like putting together two different and completely divergent worlds that have no common ground of intersection, standing wide apart, so that any conjunction would seem to be forced and contrived. And yet, despite the radically different context, one could disentangle a common agenda that is played out and where Freud, unwittingly no doubt, takes up a thread that was left suspended in the air by Kierkegaard. The themes that come to the fore are anamnesis and repeating. The comparison is based primarily on Freud’s Remembering, Repeating and Working-Through and Kierkegaard’s Repeating. From the author’s analysis it comes out, that Freud, if red properly, should be placed on the side of repeating.

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Anamnesis, J. Lacan, Psychoanalysis, Repeating, S. Freud, S. Kierkegaard

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