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K Ricoeurovej hermeneutickej fenomenológii osoby

Filozofia, 2002, roč. 57, č. 8, s. 571-581.
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The paper deals with the philosophical anthropology of one of the most important French philosophers, which, starting as a personalist, became devoted to phenomenology and finally became a representative of hermeneutics. Accepting the thesis, according to which philosophies of man as well as all human sciences are reductionist, he asks, whether the hermeneutic philosophy itself is not inclined to such reduction. He comes to the conclusion, that the hermeneutic philosophy of man as a speaking, acting and responsible animal is still positivist-reductionist, regardless to its universality, complexity and originality. The evidence of it are the limits of communication. Appealing to ideal values, such as justice, truth and freedom, which are the basis of a person as the source of an inexhaustible meaning, thus becomes valid.

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