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K rehabilitácii dedičstva klasickej filozofie vo vzťahu k modernej politike (nad niektorými stránkami diela Lea Straussa a Erica Voegelina)

Filozofia, 2004, roč. 59, č. 6, s. 448-461.
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The attempts at introducing so called "value neutrality" into social sciences (Weber) did not approve to be the sufficient means against their ideological deformations, which still are a challenge requiring a new complex system of the critique of new ideologies. A more detailed examination of the ancient philosophy could be useful in resolving this task. The works of Eric Voegelin and Leo Strauss represent a specific approach to the study of ancient philosophical systems, They both emphasize, though from different points of view, the complexity in classical philosophers (especially Plato and Aristotle) in their examination of human nature. The paper focuses on those doctrines of the above mentioned modern philosophers, which might be useful not only in considering not only the political crisis in the West in the 20th century, but also in creating a better means for the critical analysis of the current problems of global politics. It also introduces examples of practical consequences of modern rejecting the "classical model" and points out several simplifications occurring in contemporary approaches to classical political philosophy.

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