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K metodologickým dilemám súčasnej literárnej vedy

Filozofia, 2000, roč. 55, č. 1, s. 9-20.
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The paper sheds light on the dialogical conception of the theory of literature of Pe- ter V. Zima formulated in his book Literarische Äesthetik (The Literary Aesthet- ics). The author labels Zima's conception as moderate kantianism or moderate constructionism. He highly appreciates Zima's three capital sins which should be avoided in humanities (i. e."naturalism", literary manicheism and hermetically closed sociolect). The humanities in Slovakia have been dominated by hegelianism with its above mentioned capital sins, which pervaded the everyday life and be- came almost a folklore. The evidence of it are the nonscientific methods of "objec- tive resarches", not willing to admit, that they are just "subjective interpretations". On these grounds it is therefore legitimate to read Zima's book as a challenge to re- turn back to Kant.

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