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K Husserlovej koncepcii vnútorného časového vedomia

Filozofia, 2005, roč. 60, č. 3, s. 170-175.
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The paper deals with one of the most fundamental elements of phenomenological theory of knowledge – the constitution of inner time consciousness. It provides a basic introduction into certain parts of Husserl’s research, as we can find it in his lectures Phenomenology of internal time-consciousness edited by M. Heidegger and E. Stein and published in 1928. Using concrete examples of some perceiving acts (e.g. listening of a melody) the author demonstrates an intentional analysis of perceiving acts in general. The author comes to the conclusion, that the descent of time is grounded on a conscious activity – intentional focusing – of cognitive subject. Time „does not hang“ on „objectively“ temporal objects.

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