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J. Habermas alebo ktorá etika pre bioetiku?

Filozofia, 2007, roč. 62, č. 3, s. 245-252.
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The grounds of bioethics as one of the applied ethics are philosophical-ethical, though even today searching for these grounds is accompanied by polemics and critical evaluations of ethical theories, approaches and doctrines. The paper’s focus is on deontological ethical theory, which is given a preference by J. Habermas (and other thinkers) in his work The Future of Human Nature. On the Way to a Liberal Eugenics? It concerns the necessity of ethical standards and principles related to genetic researches and gene technologies. A public discussion and a bioethical consensus are needed in order to accept and to respect such rational principles, which enable the society to protect itself effectively from everything endangering human health and life.

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