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Hľadisko modernizácie a nedávna slovenská filozofická minulosť

Filozofia, 2001, roč. 56, č. 3, s. 149-173.
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In the exmanination of the intellectual life, including the history of philosophy, at the turn of the centuries in Slovakia it is illuminating to see this period from the perspective of modernization. Not only it discerns still unknown aspects of the historical events of that time, but it also sheds a new light on those, which were due to ideological reasons neglected or overestimated and even glorified. The modernization in Slovakia, although belated, less cretaive and more imitating, brought about the structuralizationa and the institutionalization of the Slovak society, contribu_ting to its rapid development. In philosophy it gave rise to the plurality of new streams and ideas, and many discussions and disputes concerning the future deve_lopment of philosophy, the problems of science and religion, truth and faith, morals etc. It thus hepled in creating new presuppositions for the development of philosophy in Slovak society.

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