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Filozofické aspekty niektorých dnešných teórií sociálneho sveta ako spoločenského systému

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The topic of my paper is the dynamics of totalization which I have elaborated in my book Vom zersprungenen Weltwerden (Janssen 2011). The first claim which has determined the background against which I developed my theories in the above mentioned work, was as follows: “Humans are living beings equipped with language, in whom being-alive and being-capable-of-speech are united and separated in various ways. The ways in which these possibilities unfold determine the lives of humans as well as the world, given, however, the priority of the capacity of speaking in the is-sense (ist-Sinn)” (Janssen 2011, 18). This is a preliminary reference to the manifold potential of what is obscure by the expression language. I have developed a seven patterns scheme of how the world emerges and dissolves for humans – a world which in its temporal-historical becoming and socio-cultural evolution has become an indetermination and openness progressing in differentiated formations, whose result is manifoldness. These formations are not contained in a single unity. They appear as resisting totality. Next I will proceed to a narrower segment focusing to themes which are today commonly referred to as social philosophies and social theories. Today the objects of these are societies as products of their respective histories.

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Evaluation, Legitimization, Morality, Social theories, Temporal-historical turn, Totalization