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Fenomenológia ducha – Jednota filozofie a dejín filozofie

Filozofia, 2021, roč. 76, č. 5, s. 364 – 376.
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The subject of the paper is a comparison of the translations of Hegel’s work The Phenomenology of Spirit. The article focuses on the Czech translation by J. Patočka (1960), the Slovak translation by P. Elexová (2015) and on the latest Czech translation by J. Kuneš and M. Sobotka (2019). The latest Czech translation is a result of a long, but an exceptionally precise historical-philosophical work. It is the best of all three translations. Its translators have thought through to the smallest detail the basic concept of translation, as well as the way to fulfill it. Kuneš’s and Sobotka’s translation most clearly demonstrates Hegel’s conception of the unity of philosophy and the history of philosophy.

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Elexová, Hegel, History of philosophy, Kuneš, Patočka, Phenomenology of spirit, Sobotka